Aktivities in the region
Aktivities in the region

Mainau Island

Enjoy the breathtaking island of flowers in the heart of Lake Constance. Make a boat trip and experience some unforgetable hours.

Festpiele Bregenz

Visit a performance at the world famour stage on the lake or the opera.

"Adlerwarte" Pfänder

Experience a flight show of the eagles at the "Adlerwarte"with an extraordinary view over Lake Constance on top of the Pfänder.

Adlerwarte Pfänder

Trip across Lake Constance

Relax on a trip across Lake Constance with a unique paddle wheel steamer, the "Hohentwiel".

Kunsthaus Bregenz

Dare encounters of a special kind at the art gallery of Bregenz.

Lake Dwellings at Lake Constance

Travel back in time. More precisly back to Stoneage.